Our Mission

Our mission is to provide partners and clients with services and products that incorporate the full scope of coastal intelligence, encompassing both surveillance and environmental monitoring. This represents a new, data-driven path for the resilience of the blue economy, security, and the preservation and restoration of the marine environment.


Our core team is composed of renowned scientists, experts in technology development and GIS, and professionals in business and financial management. Every year, we expand our team with close attention to both expertise and skills matching, as well as diversity and inclusiveness.

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our vision

Safeguarding our seas for a sustainable future.


Our strategic partner and initial investor

A regional leader in environmental protection, sustainable development, atmospheric protection, energy consulting, and more.


Each client is unique with slightly different requirements. For some, we monitor the sea surface for potential pollution hazards, such as oil spills or blackwater tank discharges. For others, we develop traditional and in-house water quality classifiers or conduct infrastructure and vessel surveillance.

1600 sq. km.

of sea area is continuously monitored for surveillance and environmental purposes, and we anticipate a threefold enlargement in the coming year.

In addition to surveillance, our environmental footprint estimation is transformed into ESG metrics, providing actionable intelligence for marine environment management.

Our partners

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