Marine Science & Sustainability Consultancy

In the context of prevailing new and more strict regulations concerning the management of the sea and its ecology, clients now demand trusted data and insight providers.

The sea can be treacherous! Due to the dynamics of sea currents and the influence of atmospheric conditions, it is often unclear what is a naturally occurring phenomenon and what originates from human-made activities.

Furthermore, given the high probability of abrupt events caused by accelerated climate changes, it becomes even more important to have integrated data and interpretation delivery. A wrong conclusion may cause your business to suffer in multiple ways: large expenditures, compliance issues, wrong strategic development, etc. Don’t make that mistake; demand both proven and trusted data, along with the interpretation-insight layer.

Coastal intelligence is more than satellite imagery, more than data science, more than back-end processing, more than UI, more than oceanography, more than marine biochemical and physical parameters. Coastal Intelligence is all that combined into a single reliable product.

Remember: the reliability of marine data generates credibility, and the transparency of reporting is crucial for both compliance and the brand of your company.

SeaCras delivers all the aforementioned to help your company become resilient to emerging risks.