SeaCras provides a suite of environmental and surveillance coastal solutions that offer a multidimensional view of the financial and environmental impact like never before, packaged in simple and understandable reports. Our coastal intelligence translates into value-added services for stakeholders across traditional and emerging sectors of the blue economy.

Maritime transport

A new benchmark for ports and the operational coastline involves the integrated surveillance of vessels and infrastructure, along with a quantitative estimate of water quality status. Leveraging our very high-resolution satellite data and digital twin-based prediction models, we elevate this benchmark and integrate it into your operations.

Covering the entire area of port activities and its surroundings, SeaCras identifies potential environmental issues based on activities and delivers actionable insights for integrating sustainable practices into everyday operations.

Coastal tourism

With the majority of world tourism directed towards coastal areas, the significant challenge for the sustainability of this branch of the economy is to ensure the preservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

SeaCras transforms environmental monitoring services into a tool for raising awareness among the target population about the health of the marine environment to demonstrate your corporate sustainability efforts. Furthermore, in a one-stop-shop principle, you get the data and interpretation layer ready for ESG reporting and strategic planning of your company. Our solution is already used by hotel resorts, marinas and cruise ports. Improve your visibility and boost bookings and revenues by highlighting your footprint and demonstrating care for the aquatic environment.

Coastal Urbanization

Optimize coastal urbanization with SeaCras’s Coastal Intelligence. Utilize our satellite-based technology for project planning, risk assessment, and the development of mitigation action plans. Monitor construction and dredging sites, assess and predict environmental impact on larger and surrounding areas, and surveil coastal infrastructure. Our precision solutions support advanced coastal development in line with maritime spatial planning.

Offshore and onshore energy sector

Continuous activities at sea demand ongoing, large-scale, and affordable monitoring of changes in the sea surface. Ensure that your facilities minimize emissions on the marine environment and provide proper mitigation insights. Let us help you generate compliance with strict environmental protection requirements.

Environmental Monitoring

With new ambitious goals set for marine preservation and restoration, we need low-carbon emission tools and trusted data providers now. Our proven and reliable marine data on a large scale are crucial for maritime spatial planning (MSP) and the continuous monitoring of marine protected areas (MPA). Additionally, they play a key role in extending protection to the new sensitive aquatic ecosystems, as well as in corporate environmental management within the ESG scope. SeaCras provides global coverage, resulting in significant cost savings for monitoring remote areas.