SeaCras co-organized the conference “Sustainable blue economy in context of climate change and biodiversity”

We are proud to be co-organizers of the conference together with: Digital innovation HUB Innovamare University of Zadar Agencija Za Razvoj Zadarske Županije Zadra Nova Hrvatska gospodarska komora

An inspiring conference was held at the University of Zadar titled ‘SUSTAINABLE BLUE ECONOMY IN THE CONTEXT OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND BIODIVERSITY DEGRADATION DRIVEN BY MARINE TECHNOLOGIES,’ which SeaCras co-organized together with the Digital Innovation HUB Innovamare, University of Zadar, Zadar County Development Agency Zadra Nova, and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Four highly informative round tables covered a wide range of topics, including maritime technologies for digital transformation, challenges in aquaculture and fisheries, the future of shipbuilding and maritime transport, and the importance of sustainable tourism on the coast and at sea.

This was a great opportunity for networking with other sectors, both from the private and public sectors. The conference provided a wealth of valuable perspectives and opened many topics that will be of great importance for the further development of a sustainable blue economy.