The “Future Green Business” conference organized by International Institute for Climate Action (IICA)

An obvious statement would be the following:

“The response to the risks and threats posed by climate change as a global challenge must necessarily be a global initiative.”

Operationally and in practice, this is not an easy task, which makes the existing joint venture and collaborative effort of the EU and the USA vital.

Furthermore, the implementation of mitigation and prevention actions at all levels of society and governance in each country independently is an even larger issue to resolve. This sets the tone to make private companies key players in leading the wave of changes.

Quoting the U.S. Ambassador: “Climate and economic aspects go hand in hand, and planning the green future is good business planning.”

Businesses need to facilitate the shift in paradigm by implementing environmental and climate risk data in daily operations. This step requires technology providers to provide the tools to address climate security threats – and there are many already available. One example is SeaCras’s ESG data service for marine environments, compliant with ESRS and GRI standards.

A great conference organized by the International Institute for Climate Action (IICA); congratulations to Marija Pujo Tadić for leading the way in connecting all these stakeholders.